Design Objectives  
The designs objective was to create an app with a heavy focus on user interface and user experience design. The requirement was to create a logo, design skins, and screen flow. The app design is intended to help the user organize information about the size of clothing family and friends currently wear.   
Design Brief  
Size Em Up is an app that helps the user organize specific information about clothing sizes for family and friends. The app stores information by sections for friends by including their clothing sizes along with a photo of the person and a quick reference for their sizes. The selection for the app includes a shirt, pants, shoes, suits, etc. When selecting the clothing item, the user will then scroll to select the size of the clothing. This app also allows the user to share with others. The logo for the app is a blue clothing tag with a white text for Size Em Up on the inside. The logotype is a sans-serif typeface. The logo also includes a ribbon and stitches on the clothing tag. The color for the app uses a gradient of dark blue and a light blue.   
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