Design Objectives  
The objective was to create a logo, microsite, and animation for the company, Seventh Street Trash Haul. The design for the microsite was to inform and attract the target audience to participate in an event. The microsite also features a fun animated logo for
the overall brand.  
Design Brief  
Seventh Street Trash Haul is a trash haul company located in Michigan. The logo for the company features a green street sign with a white refuse container and company name located inside. This logo was then taken to be creatively used as an animation using Adobe Animate. The animation in the first scene displays a close-up of a tire doing a burnout. After the burnout, the second scene is the trash bin and text flying in from the right side and slamming to the left side of the wall. After the crash, the trash bin and text will slowly back up in place to show the full logo. This animation also includes sounds of a tire burnout, crash, and a truck backing up. The microsite includes information about the contest and how to enter, while also including details about how it’s important to pick up trash and the benefits. The microsite was created using Adobe Muse.   
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