Design Objectives  
The objective was to create a digital illustration of a map and logo for a shop local event, Pizza in the Park. The design needs to include a map with identifiable icons. The requirement also included creating swag for the event.  
Design Brief  
Pizza in the Park is a shop local event that gathers different pizza restaurants from all over the state. Pizza in the Park is an event in Central Park located in New York. The event is intended for an audience that enjoys pizza and desires different kinds of pizza. The logo is a geometric design with a slab serif typeface to parallel with the logo. The logo itself is a pepperoni pizza that is the focal point of a rectangle shape to represent Central Park. The markers are pepperoni pizza that has specific placement of pepperoni, representing the location of the restaurants. The other markers are red circles with a white outline, representing pepperoni. These are scattered around the map and include an icon inside to signify location.    
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