Design Objectives  
The design objective was to create a magazine layout for the article, “Why Simple Is Sexy Again.” The requirement was to create a magazine that includes the text, photo, and colors that fit the theme, while also creating a visually appealing magazine. The cover for the magazine requires to be a photo composite that would fit the theme.
Design Brief  
The magazine cover is a composite of a MacBook with an older Mac Desktop on the screen. The composite was created using Adobe Photoshop. The background of the magazine consists of a blown-up computer circuit. The design of the magazine utilizes charcoal gray bars flowing through the pages with a blue or white background. Within the charcoal gray bars the left side showcases newer technology while the right side showcases older technology. These photos were chosen based on the articles mentioning the benefits of older technology.  The magazine layout was created
using InDesign. 
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