Design Objectives  
The design objective was to create two series parts of the packaging for Fusion. The requirement was to create a logo, pattern, animation, and packaging for the tea product.   
Design Brief  
Fusion is a tea brand that contains a mix of two fruit flavors to create a unique tea blend. The logo for Fusion is two half circles of two different colors to create a full circle, which in turn creates a starburst that covers the front cover of the packaging, creating a focal point. The colors come from the two mixed fruit flavors. Also, the two featured fruits sit inside a mug, resting in the corner of the circle. The name Fusion appears in the middle of the circle. The logotype for Fusion is a serif and below the name of the flavor in a san-serif typeface. The name of the drink, for example, Belmon Berry, and Pango Apple, are located below Fusion. Blemon Berry is a mixture of blackberry and lemon. Pango Apple is a mixture of pineapple and mango. Using these elements an animation was created for an ad on Instagram. The animation consists of the two fruits colliding together creating a splatter. Colliding leads into a spin creating a starburst effect. The name Fusion, Blemon Berry, and the cup will then fade in showing the whole logo. This animation utilizes the program Adobe Animate. The outside of the package will include information about how to brew, ingredients, location, and barcode, while the inside includes a pattern of the fruit.    
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