Design Objectives  
The design objective was to create a unique subscription box for Fresh Kicks. The requirement was to create a logo, pattern, swag, website, and do a photo shoot for the subscription box. The design for the subscription box needed to be one that commanded attention and incorporated a playful design.    
Design Brief  
Fresh Kicks is a subscription box that combines music and graffiti to create shoe designs to be mailed to subscribers monthly. This month’s box was based on the music artist Bad Bunny. Fresh Kicks company will then create a shoe and design that fits best with the artist’s style. Since the artist is known to wear bright colors and has a unique style, Fresh Kicks created a shoe with pink, green, orange, and yellow colors. These colors were selected because of how bright they are and how they made the shoe easily identified. The shoes were hand-painted. The target audience is teenagers and young adults. The logo contains the words Fresh Kicks that resemble a paint splatter, sitting on top of the splatter is a paint bucket character holding a brush. These associated images are intended to create the idea that the character is responsible for the splatter. The logo is used on the box; the box is a white box that has pink splatter dripping from the side. The outside of the box includes a pattern and on the inside is where the shoes are kept. The photos were taken at a park while with graffiti and a model to represent the brand.
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