Design Objectives  
The design objective was to create a rebrand for Advertising and Graphic Design (AGD) to modernize the design. The requirement was to create a new logo, pattern, and swag for AGD. This project was developed in a group.   
Design Brief  
The Advertising and Graphic Design rebrand addressed the letters AGD and included the colors of light green, gray, and turquoise. The logo featured two primary logos, one with a gradient and one with a flat color application. The logo style was then carried over to the swag design, creating products, such as mouse pads, tote bags, stickers, masks, and buttons. The AGD Rebrand also included a light bulb and pen tool icons for the brand. These concept items were used to create a pattern to be used for mouse pads or future packaging. My focus was on creating instruction for cleaning the screen in the darkroom. This included the steps of cleaning the screens and an icon following the instruction. The software utilized Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.  
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